Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007-A proud Mom and Dad.

Hello faithful reader.

Well the horse show season is just about wound down for me, one more to go, but it has for my daughter.

As i may have mentioned, she she has been riding for about 15 years, showing in the hunter ring for about 10 years, and last year, about this time, made the switch to Dressage from the Hunters, due to some coaching concerns.

Well it turns out we should have made that move many years ago, at least with this horse, the Trakehner mare. Both of them have taken to this disipline like ducks to water. Lessons went well, and her show this year in Orangeville were all great. Out of six shows, she was Champion for five of them.

This past weekend, was the Trillium Championships, again held in Orangeville. Saturday was lovely and was a schooling day, although it was judged. Did well, and we enjoyed the sun and the day.

Sunday however was another day. Heavy rain off and on all day made for some tough ring conditions, but the mare has shown Hunter in these conditions and it did not bother her, as it did with some others. They did their two tests and finished second place for both, which was good enough to take Champion for the Tournament in her division, Level I.

Daughter is finally happy again in her riding, really enjoys the dressage atmosphere and team comradery.

Only sad part is she needs money to help build up their house hunting fund, and we reluctanlty will be selling her. If this years success does not help in the sale, i don't know what will.

Thanks for listening, and oh, ya Mom and Dad are very proud.