Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010- Snow gold Annual

Hello faithful reader.

Well last Saturday was our annual snow golf tournament. It was a week later than normal, but when the course designer has a paying gig, he has that right to take it.

As usually a lot of fun. A bigger than normal turnout this year. maybe the date suited more folk this year, or maybe more of them sobered up and remembered what day it was.

A lot of great food for the pot luck lunch, perogies, cabbage rolls, roast beef, wings, venison chili and salads. Plus cold beer.
After the same team had won the past 2-3 years, a new championship team was crown. They are seated in front of the group shot


Enjoy the photos.

Thanks for listening


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday February 4, 2010-Haiti relief

Hello faithful reader.

Last Sunday, January 31st, Pause Awhile Equestrian Centre in Stouffville,
held a fund raiser for the Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. The plan was to get interested riders to participate in a fun horse show, with raffles and a silent auction.

A number of interested riders showed up, as did a lot of nice prizes to be won or raffled, by not only parents of the riders, bit local businesses as well.

The show was a pretty simple thing, two divisions, a Princess division and a Queen Bee division. Classes included a spoon and egg, Simon say;s, musical ride and a Handy Hunter(make your own course of jumps). The raffles and auction went well, and the riders all had a lot of fun.

In all, over $7800 Canadian was raised and presented to Mr John Chang of the Red Cross. This is John in the centre of the picture above.

Well done every one. For only a week to prepare you all did great, and i had a blast taking the photos for you.

Thanks for listening'