Sunday, December 21, 2008

12-21-09-Some winter observations

This is my 56th winter on this, the 3rd planet from the sun. Some times it feels longer than that. I live in what is called, by those in the know, The Great White North.
Now you would think, with a title like that, 3-4 cm's of snow would not bother any one, right.


Up until 2000, I had spent 90% of my working career out doors, and in the Northern parts of Canada. I have spent the last eight years, either in an office environment, or motor vehicle of some sort, but still manage to get "out".

Some observations i have made over the last eight years, were i actually managed to to be home every day, winter wise.:

- -5 Celsius in Toronto feels like -40 in Thunder Bay.
- -5 Celsius in Thunder Bay, is a nice July afternoon.
- In Thunder Bay, it snows every other day from November to March.
- In Toronto, 2cm of snow paralyzes the city.
- In Toronto, any thing over 3 cm of snow is called a storm of the century, and has 24 hour media coverage.
- In Thunder Bay, unless it snows more than 3 feet, no one even mentions it. Even then only if asked about it.
- In Toronto, 300-600 vehicle crashes will occur each "storm".
- In Thunder Bay, there are 300-600 cars.
- In Toronto, at any given time, one of the big 400 series highways will be closed.
- In Thunder Bay, they only have one highway, and it stays open most times. If there is an accident and its closed, we drink.
- In Thunder Bay, they plow snow only if requested.
- In Toronto, you can't request, the power is out.
- In Toronto, they remove the plows from the trucks in April.
- In Thunder Bay, they stay on, just in case.
- In Toronto, they run out of shovels and snow blowers right after said first "storm of the century".
- In Thunder Bay, every other store sells blowers and shovels.
- In Toronto, you might get your ski-doo out 1-2 times a year.
- In Thunder Bay, they stay in the back of your pick up, all year round, just in case(see snow plows).
- In Toronto, no one adjusts their spend for winter driving.
- In Thunder Bay, you guessed it, its always winter driving, so no adjustment is needed.
- In Toronto, only York Region never cancels school buses.
- In Thunder Bay, the bus is kept pretty busy.
- In Toronto, Pearson Airport closes the day before a storm.
- In Thunder Bay, they put skis on the planes, and carry on.
- In Toronto, the trains run late or not at all, due to switches freezing etc.
- In Thunder Bay, the train is always late.

Basically what i'm trying to say is, i think its hilarious to watch the TV stations go nuts with storm coverage, or what they call a storm. They seem to be the only ones interested.:-)

Thanks for listening.