Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 21, 2008-Our 15 minutes of fame.

Hello faithful reader.

Well, it took 13-14 years, but the rider in the family finally made it to the big show on Nov 16th. Daughter has been helping out by riding a friends new large pony, and attended several events over the summer in the Sport Pony classes to try and qualify for the Royal Winter Fair, in Toronto.
She managed to qualify in two events, Hunter/Jumper suitability and the same for Dressage. Only the first place winner at the qualifying shows can attend.

The team did very well in a field of a dozen ponies.
A 4th in the Hunter Jumper and a 2nd in the Dressage. Needless to say, rider, and owners are thrilled.

We may not have made it on our own horses, BUT, we made it.

Not terribly good photos, high ISO, low light and panned resulted in a lot of semi soft photos, but these three stand out.

Thanks for listening