Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008-Straw Art and The Royal

Hello faithful reader.

Couple of things to post today. Firstly, the 164th Markham Fair is running this weekend. My photos are all entered, and now await the judges verdicts. I hate that part, LOL.

What started out, i think, as some farmers having some fun, by making things from round and square straw bales, has now turned into a neat contest. Lots of different ides, and they are judged on the creativity.

I'm paratial to the tractors, but they have pumpkins, cows etc.

Good fun.

The past Saturday, we entered the last Sport Pony qualifing show at Twinholm, in Milton.

We had already qualified in the Hunter suitability and needed the Dressage. Well we know how to draw it out, and E qulified for the Dressage at this final show. This is the pony she is helping her young student train, and everyone is thrilled.

So we finally get to the Royal Winter Fair, but on some one elses horse. Thats ok, its a privelage in any degree.

Thanks for listening


Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008- One step out of the way

Hello faithful reader.

Well Sunday September 14, 2008 was the engagement party for daughter Erin and James. I guess this is the new fad, i don't remember this when we got married. Although dirt was just being invented about then, so,

Nice place, held at the Willow springs winery near here, and everything went fantastic. Good eats, good wine and i did not have to go past my bed time.

Now, the horse is sold, they have some money, set a date.LOL

No thats not her baby. Its James' brothers kid.:-)

Thanks for listening


Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 5, 2008- Goodbye to her friend

Hello faithful reader.

Well, as some of you may know, Erin has been trying to sell her
Trakehner for about 2 1/2 years or more. Not sure
why the long delay, her record is very impressive and we did not ask
for an arm and a leg, just a few fingers
and toes.:-). To be honest, its a buyers market not a sellers, so we
just carried on.

Anyway, back in July, Erin's coaches coach tried the horse, liked her,
vetted her, and we never heard back.
Spring forward to last Sunday. She is just about ready to ship her off
to a sales farm, a place that will aggressively market her for a
commission, when she was offered a deal by the coach. Not quite what
we wanted, but after a short meeting, thought it was best to take
the sure thing, than maybe not have her sold in the 2 months we had,
and had to take her back and start all over. More board, expenses etc.

So, last night, Erin recieved the certified check and at 1pm this
afternoon, said good bye to her friend and
companion of 7 years.

She put up a brave face, as she was in tears a few moments later.
Thats why i wanted to be there, say goodbye and offer the Dad

It was used.

She was a great horse. They both taught each other the last 7 years.
Erin bought a horse that knew 0 about showing, and Erin spent hours
working, training, loving, bonding. Calyn had a loving home, and is
going to the same.
Erin has learned so much in the past 12 years of horse ownership, our
first horse, a TB mare is retired now, about responsibilities
health, compassion, finances, joy's and heart aches. It was well worth
the $80-100 K she and or I have spent over the years.

I was away for most of her up bringing, but tagged onto each and every
show she rode at. Even the shows i was photographer at, i made sure i
was at her ring for her rides.

Dads who work out of town a lot have to do that sooner or later.:-)

The money was needed to help in the wedding plans, house down
payments, what have you, but Erin knows she needed to start chapter II
of her life now.

Is horse ownership dead. For now, yes. After the future mortgage gets
payed down a sum, and her daughter(god my next chapter is
granddaddying, when ever that will be.:-))has grown a tad, i'm sure
she will have the bug to buy. Mom's love to see daughter ride.:-)

Not worried about keeping the riding up. Coach has plenty for her to
ride and train.

It was a good ride, so to speak, and we all enjoyed it. I would never
trade those years, ever.

Enjoy your new home Calyn.

You know you'll be missed and loved.

Thanks folks, and sorry for the ramble.