Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008-Straw Art and The Royal

Hello faithful reader.

Couple of things to post today. Firstly, the 164th Markham Fair is running this weekend. My photos are all entered, and now await the judges verdicts. I hate that part, LOL.

What started out, i think, as some farmers having some fun, by making things from round and square straw bales, has now turned into a neat contest. Lots of different ides, and they are judged on the creativity.

I'm paratial to the tractors, but they have pumpkins, cows etc.

Good fun.

The past Saturday, we entered the last Sport Pony qualifing show at Twinholm, in Milton.

We had already qualified in the Hunter suitability and needed the Dressage. Well we know how to draw it out, and E qulified for the Dressage at this final show. This is the pony she is helping her young student train, and everyone is thrilled.

So we finally get to the Royal Winter Fair, but on some one elses horse. Thats ok, its a privelage in any degree.

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