Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19, 2009-Run Forest, Run

Hello faithful reader.

Well December 17th, 2009 will hold a special place in my memory bank, as long as it holds out i suppose. I was hired at MMM Dec 17, 1973 and the Olympic torch for the 2010 winter games passed through our town between 9am and 10am Devember 17, 2009. However, as with both items, they are now long gone. I was "retired" by MMM June 8, 2007, and the flame is now well west of here.
It was nice to see all of the kids and adults out for this. I had no idea we had that many unemployed here in town.

Just kidding, I'm sure most of the adults were legitimately sick that day.:-)

All of the public schools allowed the students to walk down to main street and watch the runners. It was a great feeling. Lots of flag waving and hoots and hollers. That may not mean much to our friends to the south, but keep in mind, we are usually a quiet, well mannered lot, but we do like to show our pride for our country once in a while.

I can take or leave the winter or summer games, but i do like the hockey. Probably some of the best games i watch are during the winter games. More at stake, not sure.

Well that's it for now, and thanks for listening


Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009-The store calendar

Hello faithful reader.

The CFO works part time at a local pet food store, and thought it would be a nice idea to put together a calendar for the owner. I already have a number of worthy photos, but she wanted to include a few of the store cat.

Bella does not wake up well, nor get ready for work in a hurry, as you can see.

Thanks for listening