Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11, 2008- Off to the Royal Winter Fair Horse show

Hello faithful reader.

Spent Saturday August 9 at the Sutton Fair horse show, getting rained on, and stuck in the mud, but it was worth it.

I'll explain.

For about 15 years, my daughter showed in divisions that did not qualify to go to any championships, until last year
when she switched to Dressage, but i digress. She is now going to the Royal Winter Fair, in Toronto this coming November with a Sport Pony entry. This past spring, friends of ours had bought a medium pony for their daughter. A young prospect, with some minor training. My daughter is the coach of this young rider, and was asked by the parents to be the handler and rider for the Sport Pony Line classes and Hunter and Dressage suitability classes. These classes qualify for showing at the Royal, which is every riders dream, but only a small number qualify to go. The Sutton Fair was show number three, and the horse has moved up from 5-6 spots to winning a first place in Hunter suitability this past Saturday.

To qualify you need to be a registered Sport Pony, and win a first in a qualifier class, and she was.

So, we're going to the SHOW.:)

As parents we are so proud of our daughter, and as owners our friends are very happy.

Kind of funny, we finally make it, on some on elses horse.

Thanks for listening.