Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007-Back from my trip

Hello faithfull reader.

Well its been over a month since i last wrote anything, thats due to two things. My life is now boring, and what was to be a two day trip back on Nov 5th, turned into a two week x country adventure in the US and Canada.

I had no loads to escort for about 10 days, when i recieved a call to escort another converyor belt to the Dayton Ohio area for Nov 5th. Sounds good i said, easy loads to cover, just follow and in Michigan another escort is needed and they lead. Well we delivered the load around 9am on Tuesday morn, helped my driver take wires and lights off, then we headed back to Canada.

Stopped for fuel around Wapakoneka Ohio, when my phone rang. I knew i should have shut it off, but i answered it anyway. I'm needed in Holland Michigan for the next day to be one of 4 escorts on two super loads going to Fort McMurray Alberta. Managed to find the place on Wednesday, and met up with all the other drivers. The one driver from Michigan, who shall remain nameless was a complete jack ass and pushed my buttons from the get go.The loads had been sitting in Holland, as well as the truck drivers, for 23 days until they finally received permits for Michigan.

Two days to get out of Michigan and over the bridge to Sault Ste Marie Ontario.Friday was drive like mad to get to Nipigon, were we had to weekend over. Oversize cannot move on weekends in Ontario. Well two days of Mr knowitall(not the guy from Rocky and Bullwinkle, i like him) was all i could stand, and i quit and started to head home. I finally cooled off, and returned to honour my commitment, reluctantly.

Three days of following a 16' wide by 16' high load followed untill we reached Lloydminster Alberta Wednesday night. Alberta escorts would now take over and i could look forward to a long, three days to get home. I over nighted in Lloyd and headed out Thursday.
Gave it pretty hard, Lloyd to Kenora Ontario in 13 1/2 hours. Not much to see or stop for photos in the prairies. Friday i made it to Longlac, i was tired, and over nighted there. Big changes since i was last there in 1999. They put up some street lights and built a new drug store.
Managaed to get a few photos on Friday, of some churches i had always meant to in Upsala and Longlac(the Upsala one is featured here.)
Saturday was a twelve hour drive and i'm finally home after 13 frustrating days.

I am now in the process of looking for a new job, for obvious reseaons. I do not want to travel anymore, and guess what this job entails.LOL

Any way, glad to be home, the North is still the same, under populatred and dreary, but it was nice to see, for the moment, one more time.

Thnaks for listening