Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday June 30, 2009-Procrastionation

Hello faithful reader.

I procrastinate. I really do. To prove it, this is my kitchen story.

About 7 years ago, Odee, our newest cat at the time, found a small bit of loose wall paper and decided that would be a great toy for the day. He managed to pull off a few strips before we noticed it.
The SO then decided, well since Odee started the reno, we would finish it, so Liz started to tear off the paper she could reach with out moving furniture.

The walls stayed like that until just before Christmas 2008. Wanting something to do, we moved the furniture and removed 99% of what was left. Now all we had to do is pick a colour for the paint, she did not want wallpaper any more, and go for it. We have two weeks off at Christmas, perfect timing.

So those two weeks go away and i find my self at March break removing the last 1% of paper and fixing up small holes in the wall. Perfect time to do the kitchen, with a week off at March break.

Last Saturday, she finally picked a colour (and remember all this started back in 2002) and we bought the gallon of paint. We are off for the summer, and what better time to reno the kitchen eh, off for 10 weeks.

Well i finally am motivated and so far have managed to sand the wall, and prime them.

See the picture above for a really bad pano of the part of the kitchen.

I need to have this done by July 11th as we are having an open house and Liz wants it done by then. See, i now have motivation, that's all i need.:-)

So i have gone one better and have said it will be done by July 4th. Talk about pressure. But, all that is left is the final two coats and its done. I think July 4th is not out of the question, but i have said that before.LOL

See this space for the final update.

Thanks for listening.