Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday July 3, 2008- New Camera fun

Hello faithful reader.

Well a week or so ago, i managed to snag an IR converted Canon G3 from Eekbay.
Up until now, my IR was done via the Pentax istD and a Hoya R72 filter, tripod etc, etc.Proior to this, i shot about a dozen or so rolls of IR Kodak film, which got my feet wet, and interested in this medium.

This little G3 is a great IR tool. The person that converted the camera had set up a custom WB which works well. If shooting in the custom WB or B&W modes, the live view lets you see what the photo will actually look like before shooting. If i want the shadow in a slightly different spot, i can see were it will be, as an IR photo, not a colour version. Camera has all of the things i need, Tv, Av, Manual etc modes.

This i love.

Anyway, was out the other day and shot a few around town.

This is in a small parkette downtown Stouffville

Hope you like it, there will be more.

Thanks for listening


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