Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009-Good light, bad light

Hello faithful reader.

Well yesterday was quite eventful. The day started out great, partial cloud, warm, just a nice over all spring day. I decided to take advantage of the light in a small cedar bush that remains after some house construction cut most of it down, here in town, around 1995 or so.
Bush is clear of under brush, but there is some nice crowns on the cedar trees that lets in some playful light. This is one from the shoot today.

Good thing i went when i did, as around 5pm a very unexpected storm blew through the region, high winds, heavy rain etc.
Most of the clothes on the line out back ended up in the neighbors yard. He was kind enough to return them.

Any way, i am remembering Saturday April 25th was sunny, so here is today photo.

Thanks for listening.


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