Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday May 21, 2010-The Stouffville Crew

Hello faithful reader.

Well, and era is soon coming to a close/end what ever you want to say. The Newmarket yard that i am employed with, as a school bus driver, has lost all of its runs for next school year, in the latest round of contract bids. The era, well, the yard has been running for well past 40 years, i cannot seem to get an acurate number but I know it has been there since the late 70's.
Any way, our Safety Manager, the women who hired me in 2007, has touched a lot of drivers/trainers over the years, and as a tribute to this, we, the Stouffville drivers, put together a small thank you today at a local coffee shop. A nice flower arrangement, a partially inflated balloon, a symbol of our tires, no just kidding here, a gift certificate and a lovely photo, that i just happened to take.

Insert grin here.

A nice morning was enjoyed by our small group, I did not have to buy this time, and we all will miss the yard, the co workers and at least one manager. Insert smile face here. I spent 35 years with my previous company, expecting to retire with them, and when that did not happen, i expected to retire with First Student, and now.??

Thanks Dale, it will be a different school year with the company that took out routes, but you will always be there in our daily logs, er I mean our hearts.

Thanks for reading