Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday August6, 2011-Shed floor and some walls.

Hello faithful reader.

Well a couple of busy days on the shed build. Thursday i built and painted the south wall which is close to the garage, so i wanted to prep as much as possible on the floor. I can get between the wall and the garage, but its just easier this way. Friday i built and painted the north wall, figured what the hell might as well stay consistent with the other wall right. Liz did the priming and paint on the OSB board then i just cut to fit my 10' x 6' high frames. The south wall seems to look out of level at the front, but i checked the corners with a rod and level, well actually a Wild T1a transit at 90 degrees but the results are the same, and all of the corners were with in my 1/4" tolerance, or at least i thought they were.
Any way here are some more build photos.

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