Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 01, 2007-Repair week concluded

Hello faithful reader.

Well its been a pretty exciting week, at least for a guy with 10 thumbs.

I have, and still have, some repairs and things to do around the house. I have been "semi retired" since June, and i thought this is now or never time to get some of this stuff done. Three things needed some what immediate attention, a leaking sink cold water handle, a broken basement sub floor(the raised wood kind) and our electrical panel upgrade. I have no intention of doing the panel. The panel has been on the list for quite some time. I have had someone in to install and repair my air conditioner on several occasions and i questioned his wiring on several times. My suspicions we're confirmed by the electrician with comments like, who put this in, its illegal and could cause a fire. Stuff like that.

Managed to get the old water handle off. Its an old, old sink with separate handles. A trip to the local Canadian Tire and with some hands and knees product searching, found what i needed, a cold water plug. Nothing much to put it back in, however i forgot our house was built by a left handed owner, and the taps are all back wards. I should have bought a hot water plug, as the handle is reversed now, but i was not going to get into a fight with it again. We'll live with it.

Next i tackled the floor. A piece about 4'x4' plywood had rotted, due to a small water leak the house has during certain kinds of rain or spring thaws. I knew the plywood and at least one 2x2 had rotted, but kept putting this off. I REALLY need to be motivated to do stuff like this. Motivated, as i did not want my electricians to break a leg, i fixed it on Tuesday. My simple 1 hour plan turned into a 5 hour adventure. My carefully planed mini saw did not cut the mustured and had to find my skill saw, which took some time. Needless to say, finally a new piece is in place, but some old survey words found their way out into the open.:-0.

Friday was D day. The panel was getting up graded from 60 to 100 amps. I hand tried to get this done over the past three years, and the people my SO wanted in kept putting us off. I thought i was being quite fair in letting her have three years to ask them, so in Sept i said i was getting someone else, that she has a hate on for, and that prompted her into calling the son of another friend who is a qualified electrician and a price and date set quickly.
Friday WAS supposed to be nice, about +2 and sunny. Well, how does -10 and snow sound. We pretty much had to do this now, as it would take another month to get Hydro to come and cut and hook power up.

Only a few minor snags, wrong size this, wrong length that, but by 3 pm all was done and inspected. However the worst part was waiting for hydro to come back at 6pm and re hook. Good thing we have a wood stove.

Soooooo, three major repair items are done, i still have 10 thumbs, but its enough to please the SO for a while and i can concentrate on how i will fix the next set of problems. Remember i need to be motivated.:-)

Thanks for listening


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