Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17, 2007-From desert to spongy grass

Hello faithfull reader. Sorry about nothing posted for a week or so, but i was on vacation in Las Vegas last week and am just getting back into Ontario life. We had a great time, as we always do, but its always great to be back home.

I don't mind flying to destinations, i just hate the very act of getting to an airport. Left the house early as suggested and arrived to an almost empty terminal. I did our check in over the internet and it only took a few minutes to get past Air Canada desks. For everything i dispise of AC, these ladies were great. So now we have a long wait, and beer is $10.00. Arggg.:-)

The hotel we stay at is a smaller one near the Flamingo, and is a nice, quiet building. It used to be our favorite place to play, and still is, but they don't have the ever popular $1.00 beer, so we now have two extra hotels we like, O'Shaes and Casino Royal. Dollar beer tastes great.:-)

Went on a tour to Valley of Fire National Park and that was excellent (insert Mr Burns here). A lot of nice photos were shot that day. The SO and i loved the quiet enviroment.
Went and saw the Wynn and Venetion hotels and the Secret Garden at the Mirage. Got my night shots around town, i missed last time in Vegas. It took a bit, but we managed to find our favorite slot machines that used to be at the Flamingo, but we found them at Bally's. The double diamond McDonalds one. Get the bonus lady and play a snakes and ladders type of bonus for extra points. I seem to be able towin on this one.

Even managed to come back with a few bucks.

Thanks for listening


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