Sunday, April 1, 2007

April 1, 2007-Is it time to slow down folks

As i sit here in my livingroom, that serves as my "Office" and watching the rain beat down on an already soaked environment, i thought today might be a good day to jot my thoughts down, as i'm having a slow day, and thats what i wanted.

I, and I'm sure many others out there, find it hard to get up and going in the mornings. It takes me a good hour to get up, stretch, pour some wake up juice down my throat and talk my self into joining the mad rush, the 24/7 people, the traffic jams, and the company voice systems, so dominate in our lives today.

I don't know about you readers out there, but i long for the good ol days. Not so much nickel bread or $4.00 a case of beer, although that would be terrific, but the way things were up to the early/mid 80's.That being, stores that actually closed for a Sunday off. Beer, liquor, gas, grocery all of those things. Was it so hard back then, to actually think a day or two ahead and STOCK UP on things you'd need for 1-2 days.Heck i can remeber when Beckers actually closed for Christmas, the only day of the year.
They don'nt do that now, do they. Gotta sell the 1/2 expired jug of cream and a few packs of smokes.

I quess the whole point of this, is that there never seems to be that slow down or shut down day to unwind and enjoy life. Oh i'm out of tick-tack, quick to Wally World.

I think it would be nice to head back in that direction, don't you. I know i would not mind. Then a long weekend actually becomes a long weekend, not just Monday off.
Of course, i still live in the 60's so it may be the herbs talking, or that voice i keep hearing in my ear, the one that says, "buy more camera gear". Thought is was going somewere else there, did'nt you.

Point is, less stress equals less problems. Seems simple to me.

Now if we could do that,AND, get rid of company voice mails, that would be just as nice as stopping global warming.

Thanks for listening


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