Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007-Back to basic's

Hello faithfull reader. In keeping with the main spirit of my blog, that being horses and photography, i'm happy to announce that i have found a College night class that will allow me to hone up on studio lighting and Portrait photography.

Its a bit of a drive from my humble abode, about 80 Km's, but its also the closest facility i can find. Over the past 8 years or so, after putting photography on hiatus for most of the 90's, i have managed to remember, or atleast find classes, in all that has been forgotten. Several classes in B&W darkroom, now gone the way of the Dodo bird in most areas, general tips of the trade from the good folks at Pentax Discuss Mailing List(PDML), and now pretty much my last learning curve, that of studio lighting.
After this, next will be a specific class on Photoshop for photographers. I have just enough experience now, to be dangerous.


I have read up on the internet about this, but i tend to need to be able to see it in action before it really sinks in.

I was a bit disappointed that the school i took the B&W classes in, had stopped the class due to low enrollment, but i have enough experience now to be able to develop and get out some sort of print, if and when needed.
I still love film B&W prints, but digital software has come along way over the past few years, and coupled with printers like the Epson 2400 and Canon i9500(i think) excellent B&W conversion prints are now possible.

Well thats it.

Thanks for stopping by.



Alunfoto said...

Hi Dave,

This is my first visit to your blog. I found you through our common friend Knarf. Congrats on getting it going! :-)

Fingers crossed for finding that next class on photoshop for photographers.


DJB said...

Hi and thanks Jostein.

Its a bit of a challenge to find something daily but i hope to have at least 1-2 things to post a week.

I found the class. Hopefull my Peso's will improve.:-)