Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May 2, 2007- Turning the corner

Hello faithful reader.

Well its now May, and as the header say's I'v turned the corner. The Jan-April blah's are gone, the grass is greening up, the property taxes,house insurance and Truck insurance have all been paid and the John Derre is charging its little battery for a summer full of grass cutting and squirrel chasing. The grey one hates that, BTW.

May also brings out my other self, the equine photographer. My first show starts on the 20th. Good thing Monday after is our Stat holiday. Chance to snooze.
Lots of good things lined up. I have several shows back that i lost to another company last year. Seems politeness is still needed in some business after all.(I'm the polite one :-))

Had a visit Monday with my Doctor. Man getting old sucks. More problems found. Quess all of those gout attacks over the years has produced some nice arthritis in said foot/toes.However it has now pushed me to actually do something, and i'll be getting my 17 year old Norco mountain bike out this week, and start peddeling my arse around town. Gotta lose a few LB's and get the legs in shape for all day standing at the shows.

Just about lost the end of my thumb this morning. Cut it on a broken bottle that found its way int my garbage. Nasty cut along the top. Probably should have gone for stitches.

Daughter and Boyfriend are now hooked on Vegas. Gota nother one.

Bwaa Haa Haa:-)

Well thats it for today.

Thnaks for listening


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