Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007- Feeling sad for George

Hello fathfull reader.

About 26 years ago, my wife and i rented a farm and old house, for about three years, prior to buying the house we have now. It was a great place, set back from the main road, yet close to town for shopping and relaxing. Place was huge, 5 bedrooms plus a summer kitchen. I was not a fan of the stone basement. Always felt creepy down there, even in daylight.

Seems like a normal old farm property right. Well maybe not, for you see, I and many others in town as well as previous occupants, firmly believe the place was haunted. Not just due to creaks and groans of a 150 year old house or wind blowing through holes in the mortar, but out and out blantant haunting.

I must say though, George as we named him, was more of a practical joker than a "Get out of my House" kind of spirit. His big nusance was throwing rocks through windows. Well not really. You would hear a big crash of glass, spend 1/2 an hour inspecting all the windows of the house, and as always, would find noting out of place. Settling back into your chair to continue reading, and there it was again.If it happened once it happened 50 times over the three years we spent in the farm. After a while we would just sigh, say thats enough George and it would stop for a few days.
Other things that happened was singing could be heard from the kitchen, horses neighing, and knocks on a bathroom door, when you knew you were the only occupant of the house at the time.Many times i was alone in the house for a few days at a time, and would leave a book on the coffee table in the livingroom, only to find it gone the next day,and returned to its exact spot 1-2 days later. That i hated.:-)

Several people before, and after us, left the house before the rent term was up,always complaining of the things going on in the house.

The last family to live there, did so for about 20 years, bringing two kids into the world from there(we had our daughter there)I recently met up with them, and not having told them some of our tales, heard the same things told to us, when we asked if anything unusual was noticed at the house.

My concern for George is this. The property was sold last year, and the front of the farm will be an Auto Mall, and the rear will be single family dwellings. Not a nice fate for such a nice farm. Originally the house was going to be torn down, but i hear now, it will stay and possibly be an office of some sort.

I hope George treats his new neighbours nicely.

Thnak for listening



Itsallaboutme said...

The Stouffville Horror??? There may be a movie in this!
A friend had a spirit or 2 in his house in the beaches. They had a cleansing and they moved on. Maybe George just needs some help crossing over.
I see dark figures and hear voices in the vents at the house. I think the whole planet must be haunted.

knarf said...

That's a great story, Dave!

It may go a long way in explaining who you are today...


DJB said...

Thanks for the comments, even your's Frank.:-)
We often thought about bringing someone in, but did not want to risk pissing him/her off.


Anonymous said...

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