Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May 8, 2007- The quest for knowledge begins after 50

Hi gang.

Well last night, was the first of 5 lighting/portrait classes in Barrie. Long day as I was in the field until 5:30 then a made dash to the school, a hour a way. Took a while to find everything, but we did.

As I walked in to the class room, one gent in the class was raving about his new digital camera, must be a Nikon shooter, says i. LOL

Nope, he has the K10D and kit lens, so I whipped out mine, K10D camera that is, and we bonded. I feel so good now. :-)

Teacher is not the regular instructor for the class. Great I think, a Physics Prof. teaching me photography.

Wrong. She also teaches the night classes for Wedding and Children's portraits.

Bonus, says I. Maybe this is worth the drive to Barrie, me thinks.

Course outline was presented and a two hour talk about portraits, what to look for, the "shapes" thing.(how to set up the people to form, in principle, diamond, triangle and eclipse. Not really sure how to explain this yet, but it made sense in the examples)

She asked us what we wanted from the course, and I mentioned more experience with not only on board flash, but how to light and expose for studio stuff. I mentioned about the possible pet work in stores. She used to do that before just going to people portraits, so she will add that to the class, and will bring in a bunch of tips for me.

Sounds like a real night class. Learn what you want, not what the school says you need to:-) Instructor seems to know her stuff, and is a good speaker. I think I’ll learn something here.

Looking forward to next week, She is bringing her lighting in and we get to play. She will be setting up the subjects, and will shot them herself, but we can do our own shooting, if we want(I want).

Thanks for listening


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Alunfoto said...

Sounds fun, Dave!

And useful! :-)