Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 31, 2007-The snow is gone

Well, its only been spring for what, 7-8 days now, and it is already feeling like it. The Toronto Maple Leafs(not my hockey team) is fighting fo a playoff spot. Again.
Good by John Ferguson Jr. The Blue Jays(my baseball team) had a so so spring, and some questions on pitching, but will be starting their 30th season this year, April 7 1977 was the date of the now famous home game, playing Chigago in the snow.Bet those players from Califonia were'nt prepared for that.LOL.

I had my spring hair cut today, and all my baseball hats fit again. No more beany head.

Finally got my Epson 2400 print profiles to work, i hope, and life should be good from now on.

The posted picture today is the one that Pentax rejected for the online gallery. I love this shot, but it seems i'm the only one.From the 2005 Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend in June.

Lovely spot i hope to make it a yearly trek, until i can't trek no more.

Cats are all asleep, think i'll have a beer out side and wait for the suirrels to sho up.

Have a good day.


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