Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17, 2007 - Friday the 16th, was interesting

Well, i managed to make it through another March Break with out to much trouble.

Forgot my daughter's riding lesson on Thursday and bought the wrong chicken wings, but at least i remembered the right beer.

Traffic was really light, no major truck car collisions on our 400 series Highways, managed to do a little bit of photography, and play with the cats.

One thing did liven up Friday. I am one of several Moderators on an Equine BB. Seems one of our members had a bit to much of Mom's 772B(you need to remember how we used to buy from the liquor store in the 60's and early 70's to get this remark)or Dad left some roaches in the ashtray, but they went on a very slanderous rampage, calling several other members all sorts of interesting words.

And i thought only surveyors and truckers talked like that.

Well, many emails from concerned members and a blitz by the full Moderator staff cleaned 'em up around 10am.

Now to track em down Bwaaa Haa Haa.

Several of our Hunter team showed last weekend at the March CE Trillium show. Not a great turn out, but again good numbers for this time of year. The young lasses did well. No championships, but good placings for good points. It all counts eh.

Oh one other thing. I finally ave up on Norton AV and installed McAfee instead. Computer still slowish, but not as bad as Norton.

Take that which ever way you like.

I was among a number of people who shoot Pentax cameras, to upload my best images to be included in to an on line gallery and for Pentax promotional stuff. I submitted four images, and three were accepted and one was not.

Still pretty good, i'm happy. I had a look at it last night and i'm happy to be among such great photographers.

It is in Beta mode right now, but please look again.

Oh and the 772B reference. Well, before we got modern liquor stores, ie: self serve, we had to fill out a slip with the product number and quantity. Hand it to an employee and he/she went to the back on got your order. 772B was my Mom's favorite wine. A cheap sugar concoction, but she like it, and well, deserved it. She was a great lady.

Thanks for listening

Dave B


cog said...

Once upon a time on an online service, we had an assistant sysop get relieved of his duties for being AWOL. As a lovely parting gift, he gave the system instructions to begin eating itself. I received a panicked phone call from another worker bee, and several of us took most of the day setting up a perimeter around the damage, then working in toward the middle, restoring the service. It was great fun.

DJB said...

Man, that must have hurt.

Thnak for the comment