Thursday, March 1, 2007

March 1, 2007-Finally a winter Storm

It seems, over the last few years,the City of Toronto media goes nuts with "Storm Watch" and insert year and date here. I get all excited, possibly a snow day from work. No point in playing bumper cars with all the drives who forget that one needs to slow down when it snows and or rains out.

For the most part, the storm never gets here or is 1 1/0 of what they were yapping about.

Well,today we had everyone on the same page. Storm hit a few hours after predicted, and that led to some nasty weather man comments by the office micro, and as hard as expected.

Now, i'm used to winter in our North, having spent close to 20 years working in Thunder Bay, Kenora, Hearst etc. A 10cm drop every other day is ordinary, and we deal with it and carry on with work and social lives.
Today was one of those little 10 cm days, but with the wind and warmer temps, we got the big wet flurries that really mess up the roads. My 15 minute drive home took over and hour and a half.
To make matters worse, the bar i tend to stop at every now and again, closed early, just as i got there. Oh well, for the best i think.

So now we're at home, wood stove pumping and watching the rangers hockey game, waiting for the last two thirds, the freezing rain and AM rain for Friday.

So it looks as if March comes in as a Lion, and hopfully leaves as a Lamb.

Thanks for listening, i'm going for more ice.:-)


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