Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 25, 2007-Snowgolf Day

Saturday was our annual Snow Golf day. I ~ think ~ this is around year number 20, but i have only been home from work traveling for a few years now, so this is my 4th year.

Its a fun day, with 30 or so people attending. This year, due to other commitments, we had about 20, but still enough to carry on.
The game is simple, play golf in the snow.
The course is on 10 acres of land, however we usually play on about 1/2 that, just so me and a few others don't have to call 9-1-1 for a defibulator.:-). In previous years, we have played an upper or lower course. This year we played a combo of both and it worked out well. A number of holes were in behind trees, one was next to our mid course warm up fire and 1 up the drive way, which proved tricky when people were coming and going.:-)
The course hazards are just a few. Two dogs chasing the balls,a ton of trees(we play 'tween em, not around 'em)and a large fire pit, working.LOL

Takes about 2 hours to play, and the winning team gets a nice trophy and accused of cheating all year long.:-)

A pot luck dinner is next on the menu, cold beer and good tunes and conversation.

Most leave around 10-11pm, but thats WAY past my bedtime.

I've included a shot here on the blog, but the pictures can be seen at
See the Colour Links.

Have a great day, and Thanks for listening


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