Thursday, February 22, 2007

February 21, 2007

Well, not much happening the last few days. Been sick with the cold going around. I thought i could make it through the winter, but my luck ran out.

As mentioned, i dabble in digital Infrared pictures, so, i thought today might be a good day to post one.

Shot June 2006 in the Blackwater area of Ontario.

For those that are not familiar with IR photos, this is not a winter scene, but a shot taken with a custom white balance and a Hoya r72 filter, which cuts out visible light and allows infrared light through. Blues are black and greens are white, as the infrared light is being reflected back.
I used to shoot these with infrared B&W film, which gives good results, but is difficult to work with and results can vari, shot to shot. Doing this digitally allows for instant viewing and exposures, balances can be adjusted for your own tastes.
Some work in Photoshop or similar editing software is needed, but once a work flow is established, things will speed up.
I still need a decent work flow.

Its not necessary, but it is advisable to shoot in RAW mode, as you have more control over the final shot, and adjustment to white balance can be made in the image editor at this time.

So, enjoy the shot, more will be posted.

Thanks for listening.


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