Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19, 2007. I'm here

Welcome to North of 19th Avenue, my blog site.

I'm new to this so bare with me for a while.

Most of what you'll read, will be of my hobbies and volunteer work, which is photography and Equestrian Events.About 80% of my photography involves the Equine Industry, and my personal work involves recording the older farm buildings, houses and barns as well as equipment and rural landscape shots.
I converted to digital in 2001, but still shoot conventional Black and White film both 35mm and 6x7 formats.

I use a variety of equipment, Pentax K10D and Nikon D1H, D2H and D200 digitals.

I have been dabling in digital B&W and digital Infrared as well. Lots to work with and lots to learn.

My site will have updates on my equine photography, my personal photography and likes and dis likes on the current and past music scenes. You'll also hear some rants about a pet peeve of mine up here, north of Toronto, and thats the demolotion of old and historic biuldings in York Region.

I'll also contribute in regards to our Communitty Radio station, CIWS, which we hope will be up and running by July 1, 2007 on 102.7 FM.

Stay tuned and thanks for listening.

Dave Brooks

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