Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20,2007 A new show season starts

Well, as mentioned below, i';m involved in the horse world. Part time photographer, and full time banker/wallet, horse holder for the kid(my daughter).
The Central East Trillium season started with the first show, held over two weekends as there is alot of snow on the ground and somepeople think its cold out.

Its only -20 C, which is a nice July afternoon, in Thunderbay.LOL

Our Hunter show team is quite large this year, and several of our younger ladies did very well. A rider moving up from X rails to Short Stirrup, and CEq, won ribbons from 2nd to 6th. Great way to start off.
One rider showing in her very first Trillium show, won Reserve Champion in Adult Amature.
Our Equatation riders cleaned up as usual.

Great start girls.

Daughter is switching over to Dressage this year. It suits the horse a bit better, although she still is a good 2'6/2'9 Hunter.Lessons are intense, help is always there, and progress is happening.

WhiStle Radio.

Had another board meeting last night to discuss progress on fund raising, studio location and equipment as well as show pitches. Its slowly coming together.

One of our, make the public aware of CIWS 102.7 FM will be a giant whistle off, held at the Stawberry Festival, July 1st, 2007. This will set a Guinness world record, and we invite everyone to show up.

Details can be found at www.whistleradio.com or here, later in the spring.

Help support Whitchurch-Stouffville Communitty Radio.

Thanks for listening


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