Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007-Almost there

Hi faithfull reader.

Not much to report lately. My bus training is over, for a bit. I have my hours in, and instructor things i'm ready, and so do I.

I have a refresher on Tuesday and road test on Wednesday. Xing my fingers.

Then its up to the Provincial Ministry of Transport to approve my physical. If our level of government is like others out there, i'm screwed.LOL

I think this school bus thing can really work out.

I'm at a very nice relaxed point in my life, having been tossed from the Survey/Mapping game last month. More time to do things I want to do, meaning enjoy and relax.

Had lunch with a friend in the roofing and siding business today, and he sorta offered up a eavetrough sales job to me.

Now if i could drive bus and do that part time as well, things might be good here.

Anyway, its friggin hot out again, so i;'m going for a beer and sitting out side and see if some birds will fly by.

Thanks for listening


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