Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007-Shoulda done this years ago

Hello faithful reader.

Well, whilst i was standing around, baking in the hot sun last weekend at a two day horse show, my daughter and horse spent a nice relaxing , but fruitful weekend at a Dressage Show in Orangville Ontario. She has owned her horse, Calyn,for 5 years now, mostly doing Hunter shows, but she recently( last September) switched to dressage, mostly due to major conflicts with her old Hunter coach.
The one big difference in the two diciplines is the fact you are given a time that you are to go in the ring and do your test for the judge. This is great, as in Hunter/Jumper land, one has to wait around on their horse for the oportunity t do their thing. Can be tiring and hot etc. So whats the big deal, well she gets to sit and relax in a nice shady area were the stalls are and chat with friends, whilst i'm all by my lonsome, baking.

Well i suppose i should get to the point of todays write up.

At the previous show in June, E had two very good % scores and was Champion on the Saturday(shows are over two days) and won a "Cooler" which is basically a light blanket in real talk.:-).
Well last weekend, she had very good % scores again, and was Champion on the Saturday, but since she won a cooler already, was given a nice saddle pad, and the runner up(Reserve Champion) was given the cooler. On the Sunday, again very good % scores and this time they did not know what to give her for a prize so she got $50.00. Her cooler had no writing on it to say what show she won it at, so the $50 can go to that.

All this time, over two years, we have been trying to sell the horse as a Hunter, with very little interest, and after 2 shows we have a tentitive offer on her.

I always knew she should be doing this dressage stuff, ya right i did.LOL

Any way, we are pleased as punch on E's success rate in Dressage and hope she can do well in the Championships in Sept.

Thats it for today, just some chest thumping from a proud Dad.

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