Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 5, 2007-Eyes wide shut

Hi faithful reader.

So, i have begun what is hoped to be, my new carrer training this week. Tuesday was manovering the bus around a big empty Silver City park lot for a few hours, learning turn reference points and weaving in and out of tightly set up trafffic cones. I hit 1 curb and 1 cone. Instructor said thats pretty good for day one.

Now comes day two, yesterday. We went back to the park lot for a second, as my partner wanted to do some more tight turns in a safer environment, as we were scheduled to go and do some back road driving, to get used to the bus, the roads, traffic, albet light, and signals.
We drove north of were i live and its not quiet but its not busy either so it was not to nerve racking. I did some back roads and then she hasd me do some more travelled roads as she felt is was getting comfortable.

This is were i came to the realization, that us 4 wheel drivers are pretty bad. Just in the space of 1/2 hour on moderately traveled roads, i watch as car after car, passed us in unsafe areas, when stopped at railroad tracks and other venues.

This was a huge eye opener for me. I all ways, try, and give the bigger rigs a bit more space, not to dart in an out, but now i see why.

I propose that all 4 wheel drivers HAVE to take a 2 hour road drive in a big rig, so they can see what A holes they can be.

Not only will i have the safety of many small kids to worry about, but 1/2 of York region.

This should prove interesting.

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Gromit said...

Not only should drivers be required to spend a few hours driving a bus, they should have ro ride a bicycle and/or motorcycle in traffic for a couple of hours. No, make that a couple of DAYS. That'd give 'em some perspective! :)

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