Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30, 2007-Old friend still remembers

Hello faithful reader.

Flash back to 2001:

"Dad, she's not getting better, her leg is still not right".
"Well we can't jump her in this condition," says I.
"I know, and i can't bare the though of selling her. What can we do."
"I'll call Ma two and see if they have a spot for her at their little farm and we'll go look for another project horse,if you want."

"I think i would rather like that, said Erin."

Travel now from 2001 to yesterday(July 29)

Having not seen our old, banged up Throughbred Mare for some time, my daughter had us call up to our friend up north to see if she/we could visit.

Not a problem, you knew you could come any time, said Jacki.
I know, I know Erin said, its just, well, timing you know.

LOL Jacki said, I know, come up and visit. Oh and BTW I don't think i told you or your Mom and Dad(us) we moved her to our friend just north of us last year.
No said Erin, is she ok still.

She's fine. Her lamness is all but gone. They had an older horse that passed away, and the other horse was lonely and looking for a new pal. She and Horas, a huge Clyde cross (Horas) are unseperatable pals now. They have a 15 year old daughter that riders her lightly and does a few small fair shows. I knew that would be ok with you guys. With my health, i can't even ride my own.

That is not a problem Jacki. Will the new people let us come up.


So, after about 6 years, yes i know we should have checked in more often, we saddled up and went for a visit.
Followed Jacki and Bill up the road a few miles, and into a nice old farm property.
Erin gave her special whistle, and out of the run in shed came our old TB, ears forward. I swear after all these years, she remember Erin, maybe not me, but her for sure.
A few carrots and picture showing insued, and it was evident, Megan was indeed happy here. Horas, as mentioned, would not leave her side. Even tried to get inbetween us, untill i brough out carrots.:-)

Erin was asked if she wanted to ride her, and she did. You could still see the bond they had for over 4-5 years.(see picture) and she still jumps the same.

At almost 20 she has a nice place to live, and horsey pal, and a nice little girl to gently ride her.

I had to laugh when we were leaving. Horas went out of the run in shed to the paddock to eat. Megan started to follow, turned around, and came back and gave Erin a head rub. Thats when i knew she remember us for sure. Had to say goodbye before heading out with her pal.

What a great day. I know we should have made the attempt to see her more, but this is the rush age. No time etc, etc.

Well, I;m glad my kid decided to make time yesterday. It was so nice to see her again, and our friends to.:-)

Thanks for listening



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